Monitor your entire website validity and performance.

Uptimer monitors website uptime, SSL certificates, broken links, mixed content, scheduled tasks and more. We send out notifications when something's wrong. All that paired with a developer friendly API and kick-ass documentation.







Our Work Flow

Worried your site might go down? We have our monitoring nodes worldwide. They report any problem as soon as it happens. Be the first to know when your site is unavailable.

Continuous certificate monitoring

We check all your SSL certificate expiration dates & alert any change we detect. We give you actionable & user friendly alerts so you know what to fix.

Our Work Flow

We crawl and index your entire website, just like Google. As soon as we detect a broken link on your site, we'll notify you. This includes error pages like "page not found", "internal server error" and even "mixed content".

Our Work Flow

We track the speed & performance of your website over time. If we detect your website is suddenly slower, we'll let you know. You can quickly see if there's a change in performance that needs to be addressed.

Our Work Flow

Receive our notifications on your prefered platform. Via email, SMS, Slack, Discord, Microsoft Teams, Pushover, webhooks,… we can notify you wherever your team is active.

Our Work Flow

In times of crisis, a public status page allows you to communicate to your clients. We'll host your status page so it's always available. You can focus on providing updates to your users.

Want to get started? We offer a no-strings-attached trial with free credits. No credit card required.

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